Is Cheese A Fat Or A Protein And What Are The Benefits?

Cheese contains both fat and protein along with many other beneficial components. Nonetheless, the most common advice when it comes to cheese is that you should only eat cheeses that are low fat or fat free. Unfortunately, doing this leaves you missing a lot of good eating! If you don’t enjoy artificial, processed American cheese food, and you feel just certain that cheese must actually have good health benefits, read on to be validated!

Many Americans are under the false assumption that eating cheese promotes unhealthy blood cholesterol levels; however, according to a recent study in Denmark, nothing could be further from the truth. Danish researchers found that subjects who consumed ten ounces of full-fat cheese daily measured no change in low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. This is the cholesterol that is generally termed “bad”. Additionally, people who eat moderate amounts of full-fat cheese tend to be thinner thanks to linoleic acid which helps boost metabolism.

According to Alan Aragon, a Westlake Village CA nutritionist, full-fat cheese is chock full of health and nutritional benefits. Mr. Aragon says that full-fat cheese provides an excellent combination of healthy fat and protein that work wonders to help you feel satisfied and reduce feelings of hunger between planned meals and snacks. He cautions that full-fat cheese should be eaten in carefully measured amounts and that binging is to be avoided. Of course, this is true with most foods!

In addition to healthful fats and protein, cheese also provides a good dose of calcium to build strong bones and teeth and help prevent osteoporosis. Cheese is also rich in biotin and zinc which are helpful in growth, repair, strengthening and maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails.

Researchers and chefs recommend adding healthful, full-fat cheese to nutrition conscious dishes to perk up flavor and add valuable protein content. They point out that adding the taste and texture sensations provided by healthy, all natural cheeses promotes a healthy appetite for good food. That’s a good thing! After all, eating well is one of the necessary components to gaining and maintaining good health.